How the H20 Maximizer works

The H2O Maximizer uses magnetic technology to effectively soften water without the use of salt, potassium, chemicals, electricity, or any other inputs. Here’s how the the H20 Maximizer works …

Water Molecule Clusters

Water molecules don’t travel alone, they bond together with other water molecules to form clusters. Many clusters become too large to enter our cells, effecting hydration and the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients.

Breaking Apart the Clusters

H2O Maximizer breaks apart these oversized clusters into smaller, more bio-available sizes while also breaking down minerals into a form which cannot create scale.

The Result

Water can easily enter and exit cells to hydrate and remove toxins. 

H2O Maximizer water achieves optimal hydration using less water and also delivers more oxygen and nutrients while flushing toxins from the body. Superior hydration supporting optimal health and wellness.

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