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The Maximum H2O water conditioning appliance utilizes nanotechnology to alter water at the molecular level, revitalizing it, and allowing it to more easily hydrate and nourish cells.

Increased resistance to heat stress

Improve animal health and productivity

Reduced mineral scale buildup & corrosion

Improve wash down

Reduce maintenance

Do more with Less!

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Hydration – the cornerstone of animal health 

Maximum H2O treated water is more bioavailable to the cells of animals. Achieving optimal hydration hydration and nutrient delivery to the cell while flushing toxins and metabolic waste.

Improving the quality of existing water source will encourage animals to hydrate more efficiently.  Bolstering their immune systems and protecting against heat stress and other conditions which plague dehydrated animals.    

More efficient hydration = improved health and productivity

Improve milk quality and quantity

Maximum H2O water more efficiently hydrates the animal’s cells and animals are more inclined to drink water treated with the Maximum H2O appliance.

In addition animals tend to have a better gut and metabolize feed more efficiently realizing better nutrient mobilization and delivery.  Following the installation of the Max H2O appliance, customers typically see an increase in milk production and component ratios.

Maximizing returns through efficient hydration

Improve feed conversion ratios

Improving the gastrointestinal microbiota, also known as gut flora or gut microbiota is a key component of animal health and improving feed conversion.  Gut flora are the microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of people and animals and are critical to health and well being.

Improving animal health results in lower mortality rates and improving feed conversion rations results in lower cost per animal.

It appears that the stomach is the way to a producer’s success

Improve wash down and cleaning

Max H2O water has a lower viscosity and reduced surface tension making it much more effective for use in wash down and cleaning operations.  The “wetter” water is more soluble and frees up sediment more easily improving the efficiency of wash down.

In addition you will see faster separation of solids in your sediment ponds improving cycle time for reuse.

Save time, water, and labor with more efficient wash down 


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