Energize your water for maximum productivity

Maximum H2O makes water extremely productive by making it more bioavailable to the cells of plants and animals. Delivering more oxygen and nutrients while reducing scaling, harmful salts, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

The increase in nurtrient solubility creates healthier plants and greater yields. It provides powerful insurance for more profitable and sustainable farming through the power of magnetic science.

Full Range of H2O Maximizers for Every Need

Maximum H2O systems provide an unusually wide range of benefits. They are scalable and configurable for any application for the home and garden use, to greenhouse, to large farm acreage. Widely used for crop irrigation, watering livestock, aquaculture, spraying, cleaning, heating and cooling systems, etc. The applications are endless.

Whether the primary goal is greater yield, using less water, eliminating scaling, or servicing any one of several important needs, every Maximum H2O system delivers a complete set of benefits.

The Maximum H2O comes in three distinct designs, the Flange Mount Series, Thread Mount Series, and the Portable Series.

Whole Home System

Improve water for the entire home. Install on the main water line to treat the entire home and garden.

Available in PVC, Anodized Aluminum, and Stainless Steel

Hose Mount System

Portable design, 3/4″ hose thread. Easily installed on a hydrant, garden hose, power washer, motor homes, campers, Etc. Available in Anodized Aluminum.

Rotor Point Of Discharge (POD)

Available in 1″ ACME M X F Material: PVC Designed to connect to the bottom of rotors or swing joints to treat greens and localized hydrophobic soils. This will boost your water conditioning program where you need it most.

Funnel System

Portable and easy to use for any liquid: simply pour through the funnel for instant treatment.

Flange mount – Base Model

Sizes: Range from 2” to 48” Material: 316 Stainless Steel Easily installs in existing plumbing flanges and is sized according to flange size and make. Available in multiple configurations to best suit your needs.

Flange mount – HMC Model

(HMC – High Mineral Content)

For locations with extremely high mineral / salinity content in the water. Designed to have the maximum impact of “shocking” mineral laden water and breaking salts and other minerals down into a form which is unable to harm plants or buildup on equipment or in the soil.

Superior, Industry Leading Design

100% Maintenance free


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