Making Soft, Energized Water with Incredible Performance

We improve the productivity of ANY water with magnetic science.  Maximum H2O utilizes nanoscience to enhance water at the molecular level, revitalizing it, and allowing it to more efficiently hydrate and nourish cells.  Resulting in better health and greater yields, while saving water, energy, and inputs.

Reduce Costs, Maximize Returns!  Guaranteed!

Chemical Free Water Conditioning

Soften Water Naturally!  Without using Salt, Chemicals, or Energy.  100% Maintenance Free

Improve Soil Health

Unlock and Mellow Soils.   Mobilize Minerals, Bust Salts, and Balance pH.  Improve infiltration and Soil Moisture Profile

Save Water, time & costs

Reduce costs by 20 – 30%.  Save Water, Energy, Labor, and Inputs.  While Improving Plants, Turf, and Soil

Healthier plants & greater yields

Healthier, Heavier, more Dominant Plants.  Increase Yields by 10% Using less Inputs.

Control Mineral Scale

Prevent and Reverse Mineral Scale Buildup Without the Use of Salt, Chemicals, Power, or Acid Wash.  100%  Maintenance Free.

Healthier more Productive Livestock

Improve Animal Health, Feed Conversion Ratios, and Production.  Increase Milk Production and Component Ratios.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality and productivity of water

Maximizing the efficiently of this precious resource

Saving water, energy, and inputs

in a socially responsible manner!


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