Hard water and your home

Hard water and your home

Hard water leaves deposits on faucets, toilets, shower doors, and plumbing fixtures.

Over time, these scale deposits build up, effecting the efficiency and lifespan of appliances, hot water heaters, and plumbing components. Hard water also dries hair and skin and limits the ability of soaps, shampoos, and chemicals to lather and clean effectively.

Salt based softeners are effective; However, they:

  • Are expensive
  • Require ongoing maintenance of buying, storing, and loading salt
  • Have a negative impact on your septic system and the environment
  • Increase salt intake into the body

The H2O Maximizer uses magnetic technology to effectively soften water without the use of salt, potassium, chemicals, electricity, or any other inputs. There is absolutely no maintenance, by-products, or filters to change and comes with a 10 year warranty. Simply install it and enjoy the benefits of soft, healthy, bio-available water.

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