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Maximum H2O, softened water has a lower surface tension allowing for better  foliar absorption and bioavailability to the cells.   This “wetter” water significantly improves the delivery and the performance of chemicals used in spray and fertigation applications.

Improved water buffering of spray tank or fertigation solution

Maximizes fertilizer, biocide and chemical investment

Uniform foliar distribution and improved absorption

Reduced chemical and water requirements

Reduced drift and surface run-off

Reduce or eliminate surfactants

Reduced leaf burn

Improved flow

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Foliar permeation and systemic uptake

The H2O Maximizer makes water more soluble, mixes more efficiently, and permeates the plant foliar matter more easily transforming your spray water into an extremely effective chemical delivery mechanism.

Improved foliar permeation results in faster systemic uptake improving the delivery of chemicals improving the efficiency and level of control.  This results in superior performance while reducing chemical inputs by up to 50%, often totally eliminating the need for surfactants altogether.

Better water = better spray performance!


Irrigation delivered nutrients are an effective means of delivering the optimal amount of inputs at the right time.  Maximizing the efficiency of nutrient delivery is crucial to ensure it reached the plant when needed to achieve optimal growth.

Maximum H2O enhances delivery of  hydration and nutrition to the cellular structure of the plant in a more efficient manner.  Mobilizing nutrients for cellular absorption and consumption.

Optimize your fertilizer expense through more efficient delivery

Unlock and mobilize minerals

Irrigating with Maximum H2O will unbind minerals locked up in your soil and convert these ions into bioavailable nutrients which turf, plants, and trees can consume as nutrition.

In 2016 an independent agronomy company performed a study of 3 competing products claiming to transform water and improve plant and soil health.

Over a 2 month period both soil paste, and plant sap samples were collected and analyzed.  Maximum H2O outperformed the other products in unlocking minerals from the soil and water supply and mobilizing them as input to the plant.  The mobilization of salts and calcium was outstanding.

Convert harmful minerals into bioavailable nutrition

In furrow application

Using an H2O Maximizer to fill fertilizer tanks used during planting will improve the solubility and delivery of water based fertilizers.

Ensuring essential nutrients are available to enhance germination and growth can make all the difference in the emergence and health of your crop.  Protect your investment by ensuring that your investment in inputs if effectively delivered to the cells of the developing plant.

Optimize delivery when you need it most

Prevent chemicals binding with salts in your spray water

Better water results in better sprayer effectiveness (efficacy).  Quite often water sources used to fill the sprayer mix tanks are considered ‘hard water’.

Chemicals in spray water tend to bind to the salts in the water supply are are not free to access the plant.  The Maximum H2O appliance breaks minerals down into small units and holds them in solution converting damaging minerals into productive nutritionals.  Eliminate scaling and corrosion in your spray equipment and enhancing the effectiveness of your sprayer.

Control hard water naturally without chemicals


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